Summary of the Company

「藍迪通顧問有限公司」Rich Access Consultancy Ltd
Rich Access Consultancy Ltd was established in 2017 by a registered social worker in Hong Kong who has been taking management roles in different organizations for over 20 years. It is the only company in Hong Kong which offers one-stop solutions to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), enterprises, individuals and charity organizations.

In order to cater the specific needs of clients, the company also offers a variety of services in government fund application, overseas business development, marketing and promotion, and business integration advices.

Vision of the Company

Good seeds produce good fruits, and good fruits produce good seeds.
Seeds symbolize the experience, knowledge and advices which we can
share with our clients; while fruits represent the platforms which will be
constructed by our clients, making contributions to a better community
in Hong Kong.

Our Clients

Thanks for the great support from our clients. We will strive to offer the top-quality services to our clients.

Hong Kong Youth Expert Development Association Limited
Wise Home Love Education Limited
G4 同學協進會
Care for the Elderly & Disabled Association Limited
Easy Green International
Tung Ga Linen & Cotton Mills Ltd
E-ConNet Limited
Willing Charitable Foundation Limited
Queentex Development LTD
Bullseye Technology Ltd
Joyous House HK Sports Federation Limited
Color Print Label limited